by eionblake

You know how much I love you. From the brightness of your eyes when you see something you like, to the small dimple whenever you smile. When you get nervous you start biting the lovely pink lips you have and when you get upset your cute button nose crinkles up. People always call me whipped, but I think I do all of the weirdest things for you only because I love you so much I can die for you – this is how much I love you. Your voice is melodious, your face is angelic, and your pout is so perfect I bet the president would do anything for you. Your skin is softer than the softest of silk, I adore tracing patterns on your back when I wait for you to fall asleep. Your hair just falls in place without you having to use worthless hair products. You smell like your perfume you plus a hint of cinnamon (Sometimes when you can’t stay with me for a few days I steal your perfume when you are packing your bag so when it’s time to sleep I spray some on my pillow to help me sleep better) When I kiss you, you taste like cherries from the lipgloss you use- you hate using vaseline because you say it make your lips really dry. Your eyes are the gentlest of the grey, with specks of blue in them. When I look at your eyes I feel like I am staring at the see. When you are happy, your eyes are a calm ocean. When you get upset or frustrated, it becomes a stormy sea. It is really obvious when you get turned on because your soft grey eyes turn a few shades darker. And when you get irritated, jealous, it turns into ice, cold and it bores straight into your soul. I will walk a million miles to find the thing that you want, because it will be all worth it just to see you smile. I love the smile you reserve just for me. I love the way you look at me when we are cuddling on the bed about to sleep. I love the way the say my name when you are dreaming. I love the way cling on to me when you are sick or sleepy. Most of all, I love the way you love me, and I hope that you will also love the way I love you too. Because, me without you is like a tuxedo without a bowtie, a nerd without braces, asentencewithoutspacing, or a baby without his pacifier- I’ll be lost without you.