People Say

by eionblake

People say love is an instinct, like feeling scared. I was never a scared child, never feared ghosts nor monsters in my closet. I could look under my bed completely sure that there were no skeletons or vampires. I could stand up to people twice my age and size in school, secure that they would not steal my lunch. And it has always been like that… …knowing I could grab hold of a magnum and run into an alley in the middle of a crossfire, because that is not what makes me afraid. What really makes me afraid is to commit for the rest of my life, to kiss on the same couch for eternity. And suddenly, all that terror, becomes the rush of a roller coaster speeding down an incline. And that’s true happiness. You are my true happiness. And it is because of you, that I found my instinct, and people say love is an instinct.